True to the Hunt.
True to the Hunt.

Our Mission


Commitment to the hunt. Synergy with nature.

Our Process

The hunt was an integral part of a balanced and thriving ecosystem. Just as our pet’s ancestors made the most of what they found in the wild to thrive, we seek ways to minimize our impact to nature’s supply stream.

Renewable Energy

We offset the electricity needs of the manufacturing of this product with purchased wind power from Texas windfarms.

Zero Waste to Landfill

This product is manufactured at a zero waste to landfill site, as part of our Sustainable in a Generation Plan.

Our Nutrition

We believe the best nutrition begins with the instinctual needs of our pets.
Inspired by these instinctual behaviors, our Vital Prey and Ancestral Diets include:

Vital Prey Diets Include:

High % Animal
of Prey

Ancestral Diets Include:

Multiple Sources
Of Animal Proteins
High Quality Protein
Is #1 Ingredient